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Items : 1. JBL SC150 surround speakers (1 centre & 4 surround speakers) 2. 1 x JBL 8" sub-woofer 3. 2 x speaker stands plus 4 wall brackets. 4. Harmon Kardon AVR 2550 AV-receiver 5. All accessories (excluding remote control) plus manuals . Giving away a free JBL sub-woofer RCA connector cable. The JBL speaker does not take up much space but sound quality is excellent - clear, spacious and immersive - when watching a movie. Excellent speakers for music playback as well. Almost identical to Bose surround speakers which cost a few thousand dollars. Bought locally at $1,488 for the whole system. Now selling for less than 1/3 the original price. JBL speakers can be sold separately. All are in good working. Audition are welcome.

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