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JC Economics Tuition


3 months ago by dy.dx_






I strongly encourage group tuition instead of 1:1, because - You don't wander off or get distracted as easily - You are more committed to your tasks when your peers commit to the same - You can hear others' questions and maybe pick up some things you yourself was unsure of but didn't even know you didn't know. You don't know what you don't know. But 1:1 and group tuition is all fine with me :-) Honestly, I understand why students struggle with economics. "What the hell is evaluation??". "I studied all the content but I don't get the marks??" It's not about content, it's about application. I will teach you how to apply what you read to answer the questions in the fastest and simplest way, yet scoring your much needed L3 points. As a J1, I used to think writing more = better marks. I wrote a staggering 17 pages for my promos. Although I didn't do too shabby, but it was ultimately luck. I was fortunate enough to meet a mentor, and one of the best mentors for economics ever, who taught me to re-look at economics as a subject of application, not a subject of memorization. From there, I learnt the importance of question analysis, evaluation skills, as well as content application. I will teach you in my own style using hand picked questions to ensure that you get your A in the most effortless way. As effortless as me when I didn't go for a single lecture or tutorial in J2. I don't just provide face to face tuition, I provide online support as well. Due to some of my commitments, I may be unable on certain days. Thus, I will answer whatever your questions are online to the best of my ability. Feel free to whatsapp, tele, etc me. In fact, a large component of my teaching will involve online as well, through periodic sending of essays and work for me to look through and address. Tuition doesn't stop the moment the 2 hours are up. I'm charging 30$/hour, discount if you bring 1 or 2 friends, so this is already the absolute cheapest price on the market, because to me, this is more than just earning money but actually a project I believe in, so please do dm me if you want to get better at economics, with less effort and more enjoyment. I can teach H2 Math too if needed :-)


A Level Graduate

Part-Time Tutor

A Levels

H1/H2 Economics

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nicky5286Pleasant seller, quick and fuss-free.
6 months ago
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