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JC Tuition | A Level Home Tuition | JC1 JC2 H1 H2 Physics Chemistry Econs Economics General Paper GP Maths Mathematics History Geography English Literature | Junior College Private Tuition Teacher



We are a team of experienced JC tutors specializing in all subjects, preparing students for A level National Examination. 🤢Facing issues with a select few areas of a subject? 👌🏻Let’s focus our effort and energy on that. ❌There’s no need to fix what’s not broken. Ultimately, that’s what 1-to-1 tutoring and coaching does for the student: ✅It OPTIMISES him/her for success for promos and A level Examination. ✅It solves the missing pieces in the puzzle. ✅It unlocks the key for the student to score to the best of his/her ability. 💯Customised Lesson Plan For 1-1 Mentoring/ Coaching💯 A Level H1 H2 - General Paper GP - English Literature - Mathematics - Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology - Economics - History/ Geography All the student needs… Is to be supported in the areas he or she needs help in. ❌Nothing more. No issues with these topics? ❌No reason to waste time on it. 📲Ask Us Any Question and get the EXACT help the student needs asap! Rates: $40-50/hr: University Undergraduate with excellent A Level academic results with relevant teaching experience) $50/hr-60/hr: Experienced Full Time Tutor/ Degree Graduate Contact Us for JC Lecturer rates. 📲Chat with us today! -We will reply within 24 hours-

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