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Jeunesse Rivita Blu


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*Formulated by Dr Christian Drapeau* A pioneer in Adult Stem Cell research and has attained global recognition for his nutraceutical applications in the fields of regenerative medicine and wellness. He discovered how the bone marrow releases adult stem cells into the bloodstream to carry out the daily task of tissue repair within all bodily systems. This finding has profound implications for every area of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE, from disease treatment and prevention to anti-aging and maintenance of optimal levels of health and wellness. He also discovered that the aquatic botanical AFA works in the body by STIMULATING STEM CELL MOBILISATION (release) from the bone marrow. By increasing the number of circulating stem cells, more stem cells are available to participate to the process of TISSUE REPAIR. *REVITA BLU BENEFITS* Increase your own Stem Cell naturally More Stem Cell are available to Repair Tissue Help you Regenerate Faster Immune Support More Energy despite long day work Better Sleep (means body repair is taking place while u sleep) *Revita Blu - Natural Plant Stem Cell booster* 4 x ingredients AFA:AphaNiZoMeNon Flos-Aquae (Increase 30 = up to seven million new stem cells) Hippophae Rhamnoides:Sea buckthorn berries (Increase 40 = UP TO 1 million new stem cells) Aloe Aloe: Unique Extract (Increase 40 = UP TO 1 million new stem cells) B-Portuguese (Reduce 15-25 = about 2-3 million stem cells relocation) Bone Marrow Stem activation release - Dr. Christian drapeau scientist Introducing Jeunesse new product REVITA BLU by Dr. Christian Drapeau Stem Cell Scientist The Goal is to transfer tens of millions of these cells from bone marrow to into the body cycle so that they can always become new cells, update cells and replace damaged or aging cells. What's the stem cell? Stem cells are not cells. It means they don't have a specific purpose, except as a stem cell, their future is wide because they can be any type of cells. For example, in order to heal the skin cut, part treatment process involves stem cells to become skin cells. When you enjoy a lot of wine during dinner, your liver needs new cells to replace the old cells that are soaked by alcohol and become new liver cells! Stem cells can be kidney cells, heart cells or brain cells etc. Stem cells are used for the healing and repair of our body, or just to replace old cells to slow down external physical aging. Cells are useful to treat aging. As we age, less stem cells are recycled in our body, which is the difference between young people and older people. Revita Blu Stem Cell Nutrition products that can help us stay younger and reduce more aging diseases and avoid expensive medical care. Revita Blu can increase stem cell activation nutrients in the number of stem cells in our body, which means that our body is be able to regenerate stem cells more efficient as needed, as well as to regenerate when need healing organ cells and tissue cells. The latest generation of fine veins [Blood cirulation: support the best blood flow and fine vascular health! Blood flow is full body delivery system. The 2 things that stop stem cells, vitamins / minerals and oxygen from reaching our body where it is needed to repair ARE: excess fiber protein and systemic inflammation. The exclusive mixture of protein hydrolysis enzyme and fiber protein dissolved enzyme, enrichment plant extract and effective antioxidants. These ingredients are very good for the digestion of the excess fiber protein in the blood (Fiber Protein makes blood thick, platelet sticky), thus improving nutrients and stem cells from the blood vessels to tissue. It also provides nutrition to help prevent the formation of fiber protein, resist oxidation stress and vascular inflammation. Clean Fiber Protein allows stem cells to flow unhindered to destination. Revita Blu Support 3 important vascular ingredients: • Vascular flow • Vascular integrity • Vascular Health. Is the product of truly excellence. They are designed to have amazing synergy. When we understand the natural role of stem cells in the body, we can understand how this product is unique in synergy. By allowing more stem cells to release stem cells in the loop, it means more stem cells can participate in the organization of the repair process. But to really do the best job, stem cells must have full capacity to cycle in the fine veins, which is the only place that can be relocated from the blood to enter the organization. Through improving blood circulation in fine veins it can release stem cells and optimize the role of stem cells in the body. But as they spread everywhere, if there is a silent inflammation in your body, the stem cells will be lost and the tissues that need to be repaired will be stopped. Bone marrow release stem cells that can make these stem cells go anywhere in the body and really identify organizations that need to be repaired. Ideal Synergy, give the body a big boost for good health.

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