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[Giveaway Closed] JK & Mike's Box





Congratulations on winning this box, @khanhkshmr! "Hey khanhkshmr! Thank you for supporting our radio + Amazing Race Asia journey! We hope our little knick knacks will give you and your family many good vibes for a long time to come! Much love, JK + Mike" Please check your inbox to claim your prize. ____ Win JK & Mike's Box! To win: 1) Comment below why you want the items in the box. 2) Terms and Conditions apply. Read here: *Make sure you’re logged into your Carousell app to join the contest! Commenting is only available on the app and mobile web. Contest end date: 15 November 2019. Winner announcement date: 30 November 2019. “We’re combining our powers to provide a lucky carouseller with a special little peek into our lives; music, tech, sports and reading! JK: Let’s start with the Usain bolt headphones- a gift for my wife but she’s only used it a handful of times before stuffing it in the drawer; ungrateful woman said it was way too flashy and the headphones messed with her hair. JBL wireless sports headphones are waterproof (can swim in them!) and filled with my favorite songs- so this is a real treat in itself. (Cos I have great taste in music thats why :joy:) comes with brand new cable for you to charge it. The protein powder.. well... I bought way too much of it during a sale so here’s an unopened huge ass 4 pound tub to give you the MUSCLES. The brand new Burberry Brit rhythm cologne is an extra large bottle and unopened- giving it away because my wife prefers another smell :joy:. I personally think it’s top drawer; but wife wins. The lime green Nike sports top is of special significance. It’s what I wore on episode 5 of the amazing race Asia, one of my most memorable and favorite legs in Ho Chi Minh city. Unfortunately fetish fans it’s been washed and thoroughly cleaned- however I have sprayed my favorite Dior cologne on it! Mike: Uncanny X-Men #366-368 - One of my favourite 3-part arcs where the X-Men battle Magneto’s Acolytes and make a super omgwtfbbq discovery along the way! Comics have always been such an immersive escape for me and here’s hoping that you’ll get an awesome adventure out of these brilliant pages as much as I did! A Spigen Wireless Charger that’s kept me company through many long days and nights, and with the battery power this guy packs, you’ll never experience the frustration of a low or dying battery ever again! Real gamers might laugh a little at this, but this Apple Magic Mouse has been the reason why I’ve survived (and won) many, many PVP matches in World of Warcraft, arguably one of the most intense and prolific games out there in the market, so trust me when I say that its sensitivity and ultra smooth gliding action match up to most gaming peripherals out there. Best part is that whether you can Bluetooth pair it with any computer you’re logged into! Hector and the Secrets of Love is the sequel to Hector and the Search for Happiness and my gosh, what a brilliant study on love and what it means. What’s love? What’s happiness? Are they the same thing? You’ll be challenging all your ideas of this age old concept after this read, and it’s a book that’ll hopefully enrich your understanding of what it means to love and be loved in return.” What’s included: - Soul by Ludacris SL300 Noise Cancelling Headphones - GALAX XANOVA Juturna Gaming Headset - JBL wireless earpiece - Nitro Tech, Whey Peptides & Isolate Primary Source, Vanilla - Spigen F305W Essential Ultra Slim Fast Wireless Charger - Apple Magic Mouse - Burberry Brit Rhythm EDT - Lime green Nike sports shirt - SONY 32gb SD card - Express micro usb connector - Energizer max triple A batteries - Hector and the secrets of love - 3 X-men comics When reboxing leads to new possibilities, #EveryoneWins.

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