Joe Dever Legends of Lone Wolf Complete 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 (1-12) RARE!!


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Legends of Lone Wolf - Complete Set of Book 1 to Book 12 by Joe Dever and John Grant. You have played the Game Books, the Legends are the novels of the adventures of Lone Wolf. Book 1 - Eclipse of the Kai Book 2 - The Dark Door Opens Book 3 - The Sword of the Sun Book 4 - Hunting Wolf Book 5 - The Claws of Helgedad Book 6 - The Sacrifice of Ruanon Book 7 - The BirthPlace Book 8 - The Book of Magnakai Book 9 - The Tellings Book 10 - The Lorestone of Varetta Book 11- The Secret of Kazan-Oud Book 12 - The Rotting Land All 12 books are in very good condition. Yellowing due to age. And there are some peeled patches from Book 2, Book 6 and Book 11. There are no torn pages, and the binding is good

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