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June Holiday Workshop @ The Comfort Of Your Own Home - Build Your Own Home Corner!








*Build Your Own Home Corner using Upcycled & Recycled Materials with your kids!* This workshop is an introduction to create a one-of-a-kind bonding experience for your family, where the young minds get to turn their creative imaginations into their own masterpieces! Without the price tag of expensive toys, bring out their innovation or entrepreneurship potential through stories revolving their very own creative mini home corner! Each family will get to create their own home corner, using cardboard collected from our neighbourhood, so we can be eco-friendly while journeying through a fun learning experience with the kids! From here, the real life benefits can be simulated in various ways as follows: Innovating for a sustainable future 
We do our part to ease the burden of the manufacturing and wastage ecosystem. Kids Friendly
 Steps are retraceable with simple tools, allowing ample room for mistakes. In fact, we encourage it. Pro Family Activity Promotes bonding with family member and quality time spent together as a family! Learning Outcomes:

 1) The most obvious given benefit is the exploration through creativity and imagination. 2) What we do a step further, is to educate with this simple prototyping process, to kindle the potential innovator, engineer, designer, or entrepreneurship potential in a child. 3) Learning by doing lights up a child’s problem solving mind muscles, encouraging them to experiment and be unafraid of failures. 4) Toys are not just toys, they simulate what could be out there in the real world for the kids to achieve. This is an early taster of possible ambitions in service and experiential design, or financial awareness and entrepreneurship through handling simulated “transactions”, through stories revolving their very own creative wonderlands. Cost of Workshop: $55 for a family of four - standard package price (up to 2 adults & 2 children) or (1 adult & 3 children) FAQs: Are there minimum age requirements to join the workshop? The minimum age is 3 years old and they are required to be accompained by their parent. What can I bring into the event? You are encouraged to bring 4 cardboards, upcycled and/or recycled items which you deem fit for crafting. This would be shared with the participants. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? For any further queries, you can email us at or give us a tinkle @ +65 81772512!

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