Kelo Bukit ( Gemunggal Bukit) Self collection at Punggol Drive under my blk. Mailling @ $5


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If intrested and think the price is rite for u pm or wat app me.. (Will not entertain any Low Baller) Gemunggal size  : 14 x 11 x 8mm est Ring : Alpaka Super Size : 19 Information : There are 3 types of Gem Gemas based on the Origin of the Gemo Place In Plants Or Found, It is the Gem Village, Gemunggal Bukit & Gemunggal Island. Functions / Uses / Advantages The Gem Thrift Can Be Saved In The House As a Reflection From Being Thieves, Robbers, Thieves Or Anyone Aiming Ahead Into The House With The Evil Intent; The Gem Thrill The Great It Is Told To Defeat Datin-Datin The Worried The Husband Will Play Three Wood. It's Alleged Other Than It Can Block Black Or Witches Affected Us, It Can Even Add Wives To The Wives, The Wonders Of The Wood This Is Not Just To Be Mistakes But The Men Are Looking For It. This Is Due To The Natural Benefits Of The Wood That Can Help Women To Soften Men's Heart. The Benefits of The Wood This Good For The Virgin And The Unmarried For The Wives Of Red, It Is Extremely Useful For Comforting the Husband's Heart. It's More-If You Are The Second, Third, Fourth Wife of The Gem Throne When Wearing On Body A Person Can Be Vibrating In The Eyes And Can Avoid Than Detected The Enemy (Suitable For Police, Military, Security Guard And Anyone Who Needs ); The Throne Throne Should Be Worn When People Will Troubleshoot Us, Insha Allah They Will Not Be Abolished; The Throne Has Enough Has Been Tossed To The Medical Practitioners, Bomoh-Bomoh And Silat Guru, The Corporate Experts Dll Ever Used Because It Has Different Privileges ; Used by Many Veterans of VIP Especially Dato-Dato who Consider Self-Reliance. This is because of the Made of Gemstones in the Rings of the Gems Having Natural Immune Properties For Those Who Wear It Offering Into Poisons: Before Eating Or Drinking, Food Or Drink; Keep It From The Wizarding Magic. D Wear A Gems That Touch with Leather, Keep Home From Disturbances of Ghosts That Bring Diseases, And Magic: By Implementing These Trees In The Four Corners of the House, Scaring Snakes And Animals Can Use Its Throne As a Ring, Removing Mercury From The Body When Wearing the Core; Other Benefits The Gem Thrust Is Enabling the Sharpness of the Soul (Sixth Sense), Authority etc; The Highlights of The Gem Throne This Is His Chemist Will Be Provided To The Skin Rescue Of The Threats Of Acid And What It Takes With It; Highest Propagation: Verbal, Vulnerable, Vulnerable, Poison Penetrating; Banners Can Be Bleeding & Verbal Brewers; Anti-Magic & Black-Eyed; Join in my F.B group @ ian_mysti & gemstone for more item and video.. Pm me if intrested or watapp me at 8387 8338 for fast reply. If intrested i can also show u a short video if u wan.. ( No low baller) Batu Cincin/ Ring/ Gems/ Stone/ Akik/ Agate/ Sapphire/ Topaz/ Zumbrud/ Emerald/ Pandan/ Cateyes/ Yaman/ Bader Besi/ Mata Dewa/ Katilayu/ Amber/ Mi La/ Aqua Marine / Combong/ Chalsedony/ Wood/ Kayu/ Kelo/ Nibong/ Stigi/ Akar/ Bacan/ Bambu/ Mani Gajah/ Lumut/ Moss/ Kucubong/ Amethyst/ Opal/ Fossil/ Jarumas / Rutilated/ Motif / Firus/ Turquoise/ pendant/ Bracelet/ Galang/ Tasbih/ For Her/ For Him/ Amulet