KhainiMS/ElliniaMS 62k Luk Shad & NL almost complete SW set


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Selling super capped shadower & 5.8T NL! - lvl 255 Shadower, lvl250 NL and 247 DB - All SW 23* with 3l useful bpots (mostly 6% att) and 30% luk above. - All link skills done with 125 achievements - Comes with 66% att mobbing shield, 110% bd + 33% att bpot shield & 24% + 40% bd & 33% att bpot bossing shield. - Currently only need Earrings and Ring to complete SW full set. - Comes with 1 freuds journal, 12GMLs and 350m nx. - Fixed clotus, heka and hgollux squad. - Able to solo PNO and other bosses. - Farming in tp boars can reach a maximum of 2b per line with sudden raid. - Permanent 2nd pendant slot and greed pendant - Both characters have really nice IGNs too! * Helping a real life friend to sell as he has just enlisted, current vocation wont allow him to have time to play. Selling it cheaper than market price!