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HS Premium Brake Pad for KIA CERATO FRONT WHEELS FOR KIA CERATO (FH, FU, TD, FW41) MADE IN KOREA CERAMIC/NON-ABESTOS/NOISE&DUSTFREE CASH & CARRY ONLY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HONG SUNG manufactures original pads for Hyundai, Kia, Chevorlet (ACDELCO) and also for KORAIL. NEW HONG SUNG Premium Gold Brake Pad offers top notch quality after market Brake Pads that will EXCEED Original Equipment specs: EXCELLENT BRAKING POWER Carbon and ceramic compounds are applied to frictional formula to generate soft film on the brake pad surface. Hong Sung Premium Brake Pads can react to various speed shifts and temperature changes in any environment. SAFE DRIVING Fibroid materials with excellency in durability, which retain a thermal stability and electrical insulation even at high temperatures, are used for Hong Sung Brake Pads. We emphasize and strive for extreme durability and proper performance of the frictional materials in the worst conditions with our use of the general phenolic resins, metamorphic resins. NOISELESS BRAKE PAD Instead of common hard materials such as abrasives, we have adopted soft yet reliable materials which are low in gravity and hardness to minimize the stress on the brake disc, noise, judder and sqeal all together. DUST FREE BRAKE PAD We adopted high quality materials of Fibers & Graphites to eliminate the dust generated by a sudden braking action with your brake pads. We have successfully reduced the amount of brake dust sticking to wheels, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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