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Selling a Kiev 4 Film RF along with a Jupiter 50mm F2 Lens. Lens is a copy of the Zeiss sonnar formula giving your pics a creamy background blur wide open. Shutter speeds are accurate. Camera is fully mechanicaL so doesn't need batteries to operate. Metering is built in selenium meter but like any older camera it's always better to use a external light meter or a light meter app on the phone. Glass is pristine with no fungus or scratches. More information: Produced 1947-1987 (1962) Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24 x 36mm Weight 27.2oz (771.1g) with Jupiter-8 (“white”) Lens Jupiter-8 (Arsenal copy of Zeiss Sonnar) 50mm 1:2.0 Focal range .9m to infinity Filter size 40.5mm threaded, 42mm slip-on Shutter metal curtain (whisper quiet!) Shutter speeds B, 1/2-1/1250 (yes, that’s right) Viewfinder coupled rangefinder Exposure meter uncoupled selenium cell Self-timer Accessory shoe, PC sync connection NOTE, we stand behind ALL our cameras so we do offer a 30-day WARRANTY on our products, against any issue face (no including user error/damage). Just an incentive we give to our loyal customers :) We are a one-stop film hub offering 35mm/120mm film processing and scanning, camera repairs, film camera and lens sales and more. Do check out our page for more: ***************************************** Why BUY from us? ***************************************** -All products are carefully curated and thoroughly checked before each sale to ensure full functionality and defects (unless otherwise stated) -Not only will we give you a crash course on your chosen camera/lens, we will also share with you the full extent of our photographic expertise that will help improve you enjoy the process of photography. We will also answer your every question:) -YOU are important to us. After sales service plays a crucial role in our business and we will definitely answer all your questions as fast as we can. -We don't believe in one-off sales. Once you buy from us you're a customer for life and we will strive to provide better deals should you make repeat purchases. -Full tech support, inhouse professional camera technician to service cameras/lenses if any issues arises (user error/ impact damage not supported) cameras are precision equipment and vintage gear needs TLC. It is always good to have someone that you can count on during your times of need.

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