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For KTM DUKE|RC 200 Our state of the art ECU Remap for your KTM Duke 200, will totally change your riding experience forever and after. KIIRUS tuned remap where we estimate to increase max engine output by +3.4 bhp over stock, it has been developed to provide a smooth and strong pull with new power delivery starting as soon as from 3000 rpm going up till 13000 rpm which is the new rev limit in each gear. As the new top speed tested on 2013-16 KTM Duke 200 is +158.6 km/h and RC 168km/h We have worked hard to get rid of overheating of engine in daily traffic conditions. Down the rev range now the bike idle is lot smoother and our map will increase the fuel economy by 2 to 3 km/lt when compared to stock map. In most customers gave us feedback that with full tank it gives 40-50km extra mileage over stock ecu. FOR DUKE|RC 390 KTM Duke 390 doesn't feel the same any more, KIIRUS TUNED remap just doesn't only make the daily ride enjoyable to the limits but gives you a one off track riding experience with rev limits opened to 12000 rpm and with increase in max engine output by +4.1 bhp over stock power, the acceleration is so linear and powerful that it makes you feel more confident while in turns and giving you more control over your ride at any point of time. The new power delivery starts as soon as you put on the 1st gear. Now the 390 engine have better 0-160km/hr timings. Features :- ✔️Increased Power & Torque usually 7-15% increase in bhp and nm over stock ✔️Reduced jerks while accelerating during a gear change and deceleration ✔️Handling more predictable and more control over your ride as maps are developed with no manuf. restrictions ✔️Better corner entry and exits ✔️Smooth ride is required on track more than peak horse power ✔️Engine heating is reduced to a great extent ✔️Engine tuned to suite Indian fuel quality ✔️Linear Power & Torque delivery throughout the RPM rev range, for a powerful & smoother cruise ✔️Faster Acceleration with improved ride ability with removed flat spots ✔️Reduced Engine noise and vibrations ✔️Faster throttle response and in-gear acceleration, giving you power in your hands the instant you want it ✔️Better rideability, with same reliability ✔️Decreased CO2 emissions with upto +10% better fuel efficiency on selected variants with special process protocols carried out while tuning where increased torque at same rev range will result in more Kilometer per Liter. Pre order now Waiting time 15 days *** ITS A REPLACEMENT ECU FROM YOUR STOCK ECU***