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📢📢📢Special gift for Her, 女性挚爱💯💯👍👍 📢📢📢 Sales!! Discount Price only for 2 sprays - Ready Stock!! 📢📢📢 👑Kingdom Nano HandyMoisturizing Spray👑 ✏Deep Hydrating (Best Dry & Oil Skin Treatment for skin Whitening) ✏ Oil Control ✏Anti Aging and anti wrinkle ✅Features ✏produces the finest ionic mist spray that moisturizes without damaging your makeup ✏refreshing and rejuvenating mist can sooth away the mild pain or itching that caused by overexposure from sunshine.  🌸Product details ✏USB Rechargable (no battery needed) ✏9ML Water Tank ✏Big Mist ✏Portable (able to use anywhere and anytime, suitable for person who long term under air condition area - office), able to bring on flight ⭕How long can it be used and How to use? ✏9 ML water tank can be used for more than 10 minutes with large amount of mist ✏Sliding down the slip cover gently and jetted stream of micro-sized particles will be released immediately for skin care. ✏It stops in 60 seconds automatically, enabling skin to get a sustainable moisture replenishment. 🎨Colors available ✏White ✏Pink 👑金稻纳米补水仪👑 ✏补水锁水,深层次润 ✏控制油性皮肤 ✏让肌肤持久水润,拜托干燥出油 ✅特征 ✏生产最好的离子雾喷雾,保湿,不会损坏你的化妆 ✏清爽爽口的雾气可以缓解由阳光过度暴露引起的轻微疼痛或瘙痒。 🌸产品参数: ✏USB 充电式(无需电池) ✏9ML 水箱容量 ✏大雾量 ✏方便携带,随时随地补充水分(最适合长期待在冷气房内的上班族女生) ✏不花妆 ⭕使用说明: ✏9ML水箱可以使用大量雾气超过10分钟 ✏ 轻轻地滑下滑盖,并立即释放出微小尺寸的颗粒物,以便皮肤护理。 ✏自动停止60秒,使皮肤得到可持续的水分补充。 🎨两种颜色可选: ✏白色 ✏粉色

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