[KOREA INSTOCK] IMYSS Water-full Rubycell Vibration Puff


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BRAND NEW IN PACK Only one instock 😱 Endorsed by 2AM 😱 Comes with a spare battery and a replaceable puff Even i am using one myself, selling because it really can last very long, been using it since last year july and still using the same puff!! Hence selling the spare one i got for myself! 😊 ((in case u don't believe me, take a look at the third picture!!)) I love this vibration puff a lot because it doesn't absorb so much of my bbcream and its damn easy to use. Just put some bbcream on your face, turn on the vibration puff, 'zoom' around your face and TADA your base makeup is done!! It spreads the bbcream really evenly and naturally, sometimes I'm sneaky and even use it to spread my concealer 🙊 RTP $40++

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