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Korea Sim Card . ( Best network coverage by SK Telecom )







Visiting Korea soon? Get this Korea SIM card with unlimited Data on the best SK Telecom Network. Plans as follows: 6 days 1.2 GB 4G + unlimited--$18 6 days 2.4 GB 4G + unlimited--$26 8 days 1.2 GB 4G + unlimited--$24 8 days 2.4 GB 4G + unlimited--$32 10 days 1.2 GB 4G + unlimited--$29 10 days 2.4 GB 4G + unlimited--$34 14 days 1.2 GB 4G + unlimited--$32 14 days 2.4 GB 4G + unlimited--$42 ** First 1.2 gb or 2.4 gb will be at 4G LTE speed. Speed will slow down after first 1.2/2.4gb is use up. Network Provider is SK Telecom. Sim comes in 3- in- 1 size. Sim does not support wifi Router Sim has no expiry. *****Refund Policy****** Sim is refundable if its due to sim problem. Sim is non -refundable if its due to phone issues. E.g sim can work in 1 phone but not the other. Please inform us ASAP while you were overseas so we can help you troubleshoot. Most of the time sim can't work is due to customers forgetting to turn on data roaming. If you are no connected to any network, please manually choose network operator as some phones can't auto connect to network. #Korea #Korea Sim card #Sim card #travel SIM card


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2019 Aug

great service and seller actually delivered to doorstep although at a small fee. Fast response too, highly recommended!