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Kpop cover grp


1 month ago by mochi1511






Hi, So I have been learning kpop dances like along all the time and I don’t get to do covers cause the friends around me are very camera shy..... A little abt me: 1. I am 15 this yr (2019), female, 151-154cm short 2. I am currently in a show choir which gives me the experience in both dance and vocals 3. I love to sing and dance but I am not as confident on stage cause idt my visuals are very good 4. I don't spend time practising dance steps, I pick them up from watching teasers and MV or my friends perform. So you could say I am a fast learner So uhh I lean towards the girls side of kpop, however most of my friends say that the vibe I give them fits guy grps more. I am open to both gender dances honestly. And like I don’t want to just keep dance to myself only, I want to open up and find others who have the same interest as me. People I want to find or work with: - can be of any gender - any age (best to be 13-18) - any height, weight ( I do not discriminate, I think everyone is perfect in their own ways) - you dont have to be experienced, we can learn tgt - able to be loyal to the team (if I manage to gather at least 4-5 ppl) KPOP covers I wish to learn and film: 1. Black pink - KILL THIS LOVE 2. Blackpink- DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO 3. BTS - BOY WITH LUV 4. IZ*ONE - LA VIEN ROSE 5. IZ*ONE - VIOLETA 6. EXO - LOVE SHOT 7. EVERGLOW - BON BON CHOCOLAT 8. ITZY. - DALLA DALLA 9. TXT - CROWN PRODUCE DANCES: 101(Girls) - Bang Bang - Pick Me 101(boys) - Get Ugly - Shape Of You - Nayana 48 - instruction - Side to Side - I am - Rumour - Nekkoya ProduceX101 - X1-ma And maybe you could suggest some too. The songs listed above are just some of the song I am interested in but not a must to learn. We can do dance covers and vocal covers too if y’all want. We can self-choreograph and record the dance too. I am new to all these things so if you already are in a crew, I AM ALL IN. Or if you were once in a crew, lets work tgt and like teacher me where the recording/dance studios are :) Timings and places can be discussed. I prefer weekends cause I am mostly free during those days. Scape is a good choice if we want to do mirror practice/learning. Jurong East is also a good place for me. If you know any other places, feel free to share your knowledge.

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