Kruba krissana Butterfly 2549 done by him personally


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Only for serious buyer ( no low baller) Done by krissana personally ( not disciple batch ) With high grade gem stone that have been cleanes and bless by kruba krissana . ●weruwan era ● Good for your relationship between your friend and family around you ● wealth and luck fetching ● To prevent accident and evil spirit ● smooth your life ● Good for sale man that can convincing customer easily , and to make a bigger deal ● Wear to feel the different by kruba krissama personally butterfly back with salika , a very rare piece. normally you see outside market is without gem stone . ● Good for making wishes ( in a practical way ) ● Good for relationship ( make your mouth sweeter when you talk ) ● Beware of remake piece , as real butterfly by kurba personally is not cheap . if want find cheap piece piece u can get but make by disciples ( effect is totally different ) 100 percent authentic !! prevent fake fully refund !