Kruba Krissana Jumbo Dream Block Butterfly. Birthday Batch


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BE2560 Blessed on 1 August. Kruba Krissana Birthday Batch. Jumbo Dream Block with Hand Written Gold Tarkut in the front and yant at the back! There are many versions of KK birthday batch and this is 1 of them. There will be a code for each piece! Only 164 pieces made! I have got the last 2 piece code! Left green gem! Code 164/164. Last piece. Heng heng huat huat. Comes with free stainless steel casing. 6.5cm by 4.3cm Tag: butterfly, nine tails, salika, sothorn, somdej, jatukam, lp thuad, rahu, lersi, kk, kruba baeng, yin tong, kumantong, thai amulet butterfly, ghost pidta