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PM for Price Signature Takruts made and strongly blessed by Kruba Noi in year BE2557 (2014). This batch of takrut was made during Khao Pansa, a holy period when monks will retreat and never leave their temples. During this 3 months retreat period, Kruba Noi cultivated all his time and effort to create this batch of takruts, intensively blessing, consecrating and meditating over them. 108 takrut consist of Yant Puttakun with 108 Blessings inscribed personally by Kruba Noi on a real copper sheet, cased up in real micron gold case with KB's Hair, Holy Powder and other holy ingredients. Yant Puttakun is one of the highest and most holy type of Buddha Yant that Kruba Noi had mastered making through out his entire monk hood since the age of 7. Pim 108 Chaoren Sarp refers to the 108 blessings that this powerful yant bestows - mainly for Great Abundance, Great Wealth, Fortune, Prosperity, Success, Immense charm (metta maha niyom) and all round safety. This Signature Takrut is not easy to make as it requires lots of time and meditation to complete, only a highly cultivated guru monk like Kruba Noi can do it. Kruba also added his hair to make sure that his blessings and guidance will always remain with the wearer and the Takrut stay empowered all the way without a need to be re-blessed ever again. Kruba Noi is particularly famous for creating many powerful Takruts in the whole of Thailand. His 2 most popular signature takrut are Takrut Kasatorn and Takrut Puttakun. Takrut Puttakun 108 Charoen Sarp is regarded as the most high end that one could get from the temple in terms of value, collectible and of course, its blessing power. I have personally been used His takruts for a long period of time. Not only do His takruts bring about a indescribable peace of mind and good vibe, my life condition has also been uplifted with Kruba Noi's blessings. His takruts are highly recommended, and can be carry below the waist with ease. All comes with water proof casing and ready to be worn or carried. **Magical Properties** Takrut Puttakun 108 Charoen Sarp is considered to be one of the most holy yantras ever created by Kruba Noi. Being one of the highest form of Buddha Yants, this takrut bestows the wearer with the following: **Superb Wealth Fetching & Good Luck** - This takrut bestows great wealth and fortune to the wearer, bringing good luck and abundance from all direction. According to Kruba Noi, those who wears this takrut will a pure heart will never be poor or lack anything in life and will always be successful. - This takrut can also bring great success in business, improve sales / selling power, bringing success in any type of business venture, trade or investments. - Attracts unexpected windfall, bring riches and prosperity. This takrut has been proven from many people who struck windfall after getting this takrut (countless of articles can be found online regarding this) **Metta Maha Niyom** - This takrut brings about great compassion and loving kindness for the wearer. The term "Metta" refers to the immense charm the wearer of this takrut will possess to be well liked by everyone. - Metta Maha Niyom helps the wearer to gain popularity, good rapport with superiors at work, important or noble people, gain better recognition and be liked and favored by others. - It can also help to subdue a person who is full of anger, turn enemy into friends and avoid back-stabbers or hidden enemies "xiao ren" ** Powerful Protection / Safety** - With the blessings of Kruba Noi, this takrut is also very powerful in terms of protection from danger. Example, chances of accidents or harms to the wearer will be minimized, be it harms by any weapon, physical injuries, sickness, surgeries, or being affected by black magic, evil sorcery or face untimely death. This takrut is known to help wearer escape from "sure death" accidents, cure people who are affected by deadly disease, protect from illness or any type of bodily harm. It will also enhance one's life force or aura, leading to better physical and emotional well-being. As evidence for its power of protections, there are many real articles from Thai media publishing stories of people's lives being saved and miracles happening because of the Kruba Noi's takrut. For those who are seeking for a true, reliable and really powerful takrut to wear on a daily basis for the rest of your life without needing to keep changing, this is the one. The casing is designed to be placed permanently on a chain so it could be worn with your main amulet combo. Comes with original temple box. All items can be re-blessed again by Kruba Noi before posting upon request, thus you may provide your name, date of birth and prayer requests for the blessing session. Katha for Kruba Noi's items are as the following: For More Kruba Noi's individually blessed items, please visit the following link:

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If you wish to have the item to be blessed by Kruba Noi personally before delivery, kindly allow approximately one week time allowance for the blessing to be carried out in Thailand. Item can be collected once it arrive Singapore.

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Payment Method: POSB Bank Singapore:154-03357-2 (Saving Account) / PayLah: 98411199 Or PayPal: (kindly add 10% for cross-border transactions fees and withdrawal charges applied by PayPal and banks in Thailand, thank you very much for your kind understanding) Please provide postal address after payment is made. Thanks. Registered Mail with Tracking Number (7-14 Days): S$10 EMS with Tracking Number (3-5 Days): S$35 * We are based in Thailand. Casing: 10 sgd for plastic water proof casing PM for stainless steel, micron, silver or gold casing, or visit the following link: Contact: Website: Whatsapp: +6598411199 (best way to contact me) WeChat/LINE: dhammagalleria Email: Facebook: * Please do not call or sms as we are located in Thailand, international charges may applied to your phone bill. Thank you very much.