Kruba Noi Wealthy Turtle Mini Bucha With Three Takruts Be2558 (B)


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100% Authenticity if not Full Refund!!! Kruba Noi Wealthy Turtle(Phaya Taoreuan)Mini Bucha With Three Takruts(Gold,Silver,Bronze)BE2558 Size:About 8cm X 5cm Materials Made: Temple Holy Powders Plus Three Different Takruts(Gold,Silver,Bronze) Info: Introducing To All Another Very Ho Liaos From A Very Famous And Well Known CHIANGMAI Master Kruba Noi Of Wat Sridonmoon. Kruba Noi Wealthy Turtle(Phaya Taoruean)Mini Bucha With Three Takruts( Gold,Silver, Bronze)BE2558. Highly Blessed By Kruba Noi,this Phaya Taoruean Mini Bucha are made from very old sacred temple powders,with image of Somdej on top of the Phaya Taoruean Back,with three takruts(Gold,Silver,Bronze)inserted at the back. Moreover, it is also believed that Lord Buddha was previously reincarnated as a Turtle in one of his former life existence and had helped protect the lives of other turtles. Therefore,Thai Buddhist monks started creating Phaya Taoreuan amulets to help people during time of difficulties and to call upon good fortunes and bring good luck and wealth to worshippers. Purpose: Turtle is a very good and positive symbols to keep at home or in your office simply because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards - a sign of prosperity, fertility,progression,good luck,and long life. In the Thai amulets circle this turtle talisman is referred to as Phra Taoreuan amulets. Origin of Phaya Taoreuan These talisman were originally called “Phaya Taoreuan" amulets because the Thai word “reuan” means “erasing”, and it was believed that these amulets could help worshipers erase bad luck or gain victory. This is one of the many reasons they are popular among lawyers and other members of the legal profession. In addition to another popular belief, the Thai word “reuan” also means house or building where it will bring good fortune and wealth to the householders.