Kruba Orr Lersi Magical Axe And Elephant Hook BE2557-58(C.E2014-15)


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Super Highly Recommended!!By Kruba Orr,Rare And Powerful. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM Only One Set Available ^^Kruba Orr Lersi Magical Axe And Elephant Hook BE2557-58(C.E2014-15)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With DD PHRA CERT* -Blessed By ChiangMai Top Master,Kruba Orr Info: Rare Batch Of Hand Crafted Lersi Magical Axe And Elephant Hook Blessed By Chiang Mai Top Master,Kruba Orr,between the year BE2557-58. Purpose: This Lersi Axe amulet is believed to help block away all bad things and black magic, be good for Improving especially in Business Luck,Wealth Luck, Safety and Protection. Also for devotees who got keep barang at home,this lersi Axe can help you to "take care" of them at your home or in the office. Elephant Hook: For extreme Protection and have the ability to catch(wish) what u want and very strong wish granting ability.for extreme metta,love and charm also,and also to hook in all wealth,money and good luck. 泰国佛牌 古巴挝 权杖套装 象头权杖 鲁士斧头 有庙盒 带卡保真 全新未用 用于管教孩子,下属。是父母,领导必备的圣物,增强你的权威,说服力,让别人服从,听话。鲁士斧头,类似灭魔刀,趋吉避凶,挡险平安,清业障。