Kruba Pon Namman Prai Nai Bia 2nd Batch ( Wealth/Gambling Takrut )


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Kruba Pon Namman Prai Nai Bia 2nd Batch ( Gambling takrut ) Wat Pu Hor , Chiangmai Kruba Pon created this according to ancient Lanna magic for powerful Namman Prai that helps in gambling, grants luck. Concentrate of Namman Prai brought from Karen tribe. It is believed that the addicted gamblers who got rich from gambling and had everything including women, wealth and prosperity from gambling before they died. Kruba Pon mixed this concentrate with Waan Rak Sorn Herb, and filled in talisman-tied Takrut to make it a good appearance. This takrut is very hardcore , offering is needed if you can't commit , don't get it. Offering method will be taught upon purchase Only 1 piece available Pm for price

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