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Buy with confidence from Singapore only Premium Reseller! Introducing the new KZ Bluetooth adaptor! Now you can enjoy the awesome range of Knowledge zenith earphones wirelessly! Do note there are two different models, one can be used for zs3 and zs5, the other for zst pro, zst and ed12 Buy it with any earphones for only 17$. KZ BLUETOOTH UPGRADE CABLE Specification Bluetooth version: 4.1 Weight: 10g ± 3g Pin type: 0.75mm Wire length: 85cm ± 3cm Shell material: ABS Communication distance: 10M Play time: about 3-4 hours Charge time: about 1 hour Also selling the below earphones, please check my listing! KZ ATE KZ ATE-S KZ ED9 KZ ED12 KZ ZS3 KZ ZST KZ ZST KZ HDSE KZ ZS5 Rock Zircon DZAT-DF10 Senfer 4in1 TFZ 5S VE MONKS Silver Cables for ZS3, ZST, ZST PRO, ED12 Bluetooth adaptor cables Why buy from us? _______________________________________________ *200+ feed backs over a short span of 2months on shopee and caurosell *G.Tech only sells authentic items, we get our stocks directly from reputable supplier *G.Tech will honor a 200% refund if you received a fake. *Best price guarantee! *G. Tech will replace you a new set of cables if there is any manufacturing defects found within 14 days. It will be sent back to china for repairs after the 1-1 period. Do take note cables will be checked for any form of abuse or misuse. G. TECH have the final decision for any exchanges( No more dealing with lemon sets or unscrupulous sellers, wasting your time and money. ) *Best service guaranteed! ______________________________________________ -Meet up will be at either Serangoon Mrt or Bayfront mrt depending on which day, do pm me for more info. 😃 -$1.50 for normal postage, seller will not be responsible for any lost mail. Add $3.50 registered postage by singpost (recommended) - Meet up available at both seller and buyer convenience, please message me to find out more. #kz #ate #hype #iem #earphones #earphone #music #zs1 hifi headfi knowledge zenith zs3 ed9 ate-s ate s rock superbass official Kz zs3 kz zs3 dzaf df10 ed12 zst pro zs5

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