La Roux - Trouble in Paradise Gatefold Vinyl (Limited Edition!)


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So this is Trouble In Paradise by UK singer La Roux in Gatefold LP format! Got this off the Trouble in Paradise Deluxe Box Set but I don't have a turntable to play this on, so I've got no use for it! The design on the gatefold sleeve is a limited edition version of the album artwork, specially designed for the box set by designer Alexander Brown. I'm not a vinyl person but I'll try my best to answer your questions the best I can! Meet-ups can be discussed but purple line is most preferable. More About the Album: Trouble in Paradise is La Roux's second studio album, originally released on 18 July 2014 by Polydor Records. Elly Jackson, the frontwoman of La Roux, explained that this record would be a "futuristic take on 70s disco" and that it would be much "warmer and sexier" than her previous synthpop-themed album, La Roux. Personally, this is one of my favourite albums of all time. (I've bought all editions of this album in CD format) If you're a hardcore 80s or disco fan like I am, you would really enjoy this album because this is by far the most authentic 80s-sounding music I've ever heard by a contemporary artist. The songwriting in this record is also one of the tightest I've ever seen, everything is just so vague yet so specific and relatable if you've ever had a love life. Go give Trouble in Paradise a listen on Spotify or Youtube before you buy this vinyl if you want! You won't regret buying this I swear. Full Track Listing: 1. "Uptight Downtown" (4:22) 2. "Kiss and Not Tell" (3:53) 3. "Cruel Sexuality" (4:15) 4. "Paradise Is You" (5:11) 5. "Sexotheque" (4:18) 6. "Tropical Chancer" (3:31) 7. "Silent Partner" (7:01) 8. "Let Me Down Gently" (5:40) 9. "The Feeling" (4:06) Tags (Please Ignore): vinyl gatefold lp limited edition la roux elly jackson ben langmaid trouble in paradise new wave neo disco synthpop indie eurodance lily allen first pressing reissue cd jewel case funk italo grace jones cerrone donna summer sci-fi disco tom tom club classic dub ragga rolling stone

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