Laneige All Day Anti Pollution Skin Defensor SPF30 PA++


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❤️Unit: 40ml Direct shipping from Korea. Receive item 3 weeks from date of purchase. Skin Block Serum protects skin from fine dust and treats skin to be clearly and supple Start new block! Reflect fine dust with DUST BLOCK™ NEW LANEIGE All Day Anti-pollution Defensor New-concept skin care reflects fine dust, makes skin clean and clear and strengthen the skin barrier Every Morning Skin Lock Mode from Fine Dust! Everyday Skin Lock Mode with LANEIGE All Day Anti Pollution Defensor Have Sunscreen and whitening effect as well (SPF30 PA++ / *Whitening function cosmetics) 3-Step Skin Lock Mode of NEW LANEIGE All Day Anti Pollution Defensor 1. DUST BLOCK™ Technology By using the magnetic polarity, in which same poles of the magnet repel each other, this technology helps skin to repel dust as the product with negative charge repels fine dust, which also has negative charge 2. Sunscreen UV protection (SPF30 PA++) Block UV, the main cause of skin aging and flaws, to make skin healthy and clean 3. Strengthen Skin Barrier · Brightening Effect Reflect harmful factors to skin and make skin more firm and clear Product Description 1. Dust Block TM technology, which reflects fine dust by using the principle of magnetic reflection, protects skin from harmful environment. . 2. Makes skin clean and firm, by consolidating the skin barrier. 3. This product has sunscreen effect and whitening effect. Effect. Efficacy 1. Helps skin brightening 2. Protects skin from UV. (SPF 30, PA++)