Laneige water sleeping mask & firming sleeping pack


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Firming sleeping pack: - Firming sleeping pack that gives crystal clear and hydrated skin with water science. Suitable for all skin types and it's 50ml. - LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Pack” takes care of your Sleep Line, the potential wrinkles that are formed while you sleep. "LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Pack” relives skin damage during daytime. This light gel-type pack contains Sleepscent™ that relives the skin from stress; it is applied on the skin before going to bed. Water sleeping mask: - Intensive moisturizing sleeping mask makes skin clear,glowing,and revitalized in the morning,as if skin had a restful sleep,with the Sleep Tox fundtion of Laneige sleeping Mask. Buy 2 would be cheaper as compared to getting one!

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