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BRITISH DESIGN & ENGINEERING Designed and engineered in the Black Country, Great Britain, the 6L6-loaded IRT60-212 delivers 60 watts of crushing Ironheart tube tones via the 2 x 12” HH custom designed drivers producing plenty of low end growl and punch. FULLY FEATURED The IRT60-212 features a full 3-channel pre amp with clean, rhythm and lead channels, plus a footswitchable pre boost, all accessed via the FS4 foot switch, which is included. Tone shaping on the rhythm and lead channels is taken care of by independent 3-band EQ on each, with each EQ control having push pull options. DYNAMIC CONTROL The master section on the IRT60-212 features an overall Dynamics control, which allows you to vary the interaction of the amplifier and your cabinet -depending on the volume you are playing at – and a high quality digital reverb. VARI-WATT 60 WATTS TO 1 WATT The IRT60-212 also features a watts control, which allows you to get the tone you are after at any wattage level without destroying your tone. - See more at:

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