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I bought this set of magic Chinese penmanship book set for $29.90 at a physical store a few months ago. This is a very special set as your child or you can train your penmanship without wasting paper. When you trace the characters within the books with the pen, the ink gradually disappears. You can keep reusing the paper. This set consists of 4 books and 2 pens along with 8 ink refills and 2 grip correctors. I have used this a few times but they are as good as new. Selling it for just *$17. More information about the books: ♡Book 1 ~ Standard 1 (350 charac.) + Standard 2 (650 charac.) + Standard 3 (300 charac.) ♡Book 2 ~ Standard 3 (300 charac.) + Standard 4 (400 charac.) + Standard 5 (300 charac.) + Standard 6 (200 charac.) ♡Book 3 ~ Hanyu Pinyin (alphabets) + English alphabets + Chinese Numbers (1-10) ♡Book 4 ~ Chinese Strokes + Elementary characters Chinese levels: Elementary to Advanced ***Only meet-up at Woodlands MRT is possible for this item as it is bulky and heavy If you have any question about the item, feel free to drop me a message.