[LARGE DISCOUNT] Russian Edition, The Little Prince Photocopy Book, Russian Translation, Illustrated Book, Маленький принц - Антуан Де Сент-Экзюпери


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This is a photocopy stapled book of the Russian translation of the famed novel "The Little Prince". I had this printed in a local printing shop (Kodak) for $0.30 per page, in total I paid around $15 without binding. Expensive, I know, but I was desperate to have a physical reading copy of this book. Selling this just for *$5. ~my loss, your gain~ There are 60 pages altogether. This book is great for Russian elementary and intermediate learners to practise their reading skills and learn new vocabulary in an interesting way. The stapled book is in new condition, only the first page is annotated, as can be seen in the first photo. ***If you are interested in Russian learning PDFs, please drop me a message. Спасибо :)

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