LARGE Lucky Amethyst Crystal Cave/Stone Geode (Fengshui, Chakra, Healing, Spiritual)


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Two sizes available for sale. Top quality Amethyst in the highest purple hue level. Caves are unique as they have crystal growth (see white crystal clusters in photo) - a good sign for Crystal Caves that it is active in energy. Also known as 紫晶洞,Amethyst Crystal Cave is known to: • enhance creativity • brings focus & success • promotes healing • protects from negative energies • calms & soothes disorders like OCD & ADHD • cure insomnia • effective for children's recurring nightmares and fear of the dark • excellent for diplomats, negotiators and business people - calms angry temperaments and gives distinct advantage in debating situations • reduces tendency to overspend, gambling addictions or unwise investment • excellent aid to quitting smoking drinking and drug use • strengthens immune system and reduces bruising, pain & swellings • ignites the Fire Energy to promote Yang to enhance fame, reputation & position within community and family Self collect only. 🍀Large Lucky Amethyst Cave Height 56cm x Base 25cm $1888 (offer to negotiate) 🍀Medium Lucky Amethyst Cave Height 45cm x Base 20cm $1288 (offer to negotiate)

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