Laser Shades - The ORIGINAL MAGNETIC Custom Fit Sunshade for your car.


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Laser Shades - The ORIGINAL MAGNETIC Custom Fit Sunshade for your car. We are the authorised online reseller for Laser Shades in Singapore. Do not confuse other magnetic sunshade as Laser Shades. Laser Shades created the Original Magnetic Car Sunshade. Go for the Original Laser Shades not imitations!! Laser Shades Rear Windscreen shade will not block your rear camera as it goes behind the camera not blocking it at all. Beware of cheap imitations!!! Do not go for Replica or Imitation as the magnets used are inferior and will lost its strength fast(1-3 mths), shades will start to drop off. Some even drop when you close the car door. Try asking those sellers for warranty. Only Laser Shades comes with 12 months warranty on defects including magnetic strength of shades. Plus our shades does not block your view of the side mirror unlike other cheaper ones. Inferior material used for sunshade might be harmful to you and your family when expose to heat from sun as they are not tested. Why choose Laser Shades? All locally measured models will be under Laser Shades's Sister brand - Adon Shades. It comes in 5 or 7 pieces including rear windscreen. Currently, 143 Car Models Available for the Original Laser Shades. We are constantly measuring new models. 15 more car models will be coming in by the last quarter of this year. Go for the real stuff! Models Available (updated Jun 2017): New models coming in Aug 2017 More pics here! Laser Shades Singapore employs the latest 3D Laser scanning technology to create a perfectly fitted set of window shades of the highest quality that can be quickly fitted and removed Since the sunshade fit the profile of the window exactly, they ensure maximum protection from the sun. The perforated shade material maintains visibility through the glass even in the dark. The material creates a layer of protection that will block heat and radiation, allowing the car to cool quicker and STAY COOL. ◎Pass German TUV testing! (TUV of German is an automobile testing institution recognized world-wide) ◎Made in Taiwan, not the inferior type from China ◎Custom made for each model, perfect fit for each window ◎High degree of protection and privacy, privacy inside the car is maintained while visibility to outside is kept clear. ◎No tool is required, no need for drilling or damaging auto body. ◎Installation will not interfere with window operation; air circulation is achieved while sands and insects from the road are kept outside Peace of mind, total safety ◎UV protection fabric from Germany prevents damage from harmful UV ray. ◎Heat isolation rate as high as 91.5%, flame retardant between 180℃~220℃ prevents arise of harmful substance from long-term exposure in high temperature. ◎First of its kind to offer no blind spot installation, provides safe visibility to the road while driving. ◎Light-weight, easy to use, simply remove it when not in use. ◎Custom design steel material, easy folding for storage (storage case is included) ◎Easy installation, takes only 5 minutes. Installation of the product is very simple. It have high strength magnets embedded in the shade frame to allow quick and easy attachment to the window frame of a vehicle. Thanks to the magnetic installation, the shades are also easily removed. For windows where metal surfaces are not available, the shades are developed to press-fit into place or to rely on small clips. A high quality storage bag is included in the kit to protect the shades when not in use. Magnetic installation. No need clips for most cars. -No modification to car -Blocks 67.3% of UVB radiation & 66.9% of UVA radiation -Protection for children and car interior -Effective heat blocker. 91.5% Heat Isolation. -Even children can install it. Laser Shades is an Australian Brand and is Made In Taiwan. Prices will be slightly higher than other brands as Laser Shades uses magnets inside frame so there is no need of installing clips or holders. Unless there is no metal around your window area. Why Custom Fit Sunshades than darker solar film or car curtains? 1. You can take out the sunshades at night if it's blocking your view at night. You cannot take out a solar film on the spot. 2. You are able to see the outside from the interior of your car even with sunshades. You are not able to see anything when the car curtain is there. 3. Inexpensive as compare to solar film. You can have both solar film and our sunshades. Rather than getting a super dark solar film and risk getting caught by TP or LTA. 4. Looks much nicer than those ill fitting sunshades u find outside. 5. Car curtain are not customised, so it does not fit exactly as compare to ours. Plus u are not able to see anything outside fr inside your car. Very dangerous! 6. Children or baby in the back seat will not scream as sunlight shine onto their faces as the sunshades are there. Even solar film will not block all the sunlight. 7. Reduce temperature of your car interior under hot sun. 8. Will not block the rear car camera. The shade will be behind the camera when installed on the rear windscreen. YouTube video of Laser Shades Youtube video of Laser Shades on Toyota Corolla Mercedes A-Class W176 Please Sms me at 96952338 for Pricing. Available in 4 or 5 pieces with rear windscreen for sedans and 6 or 7 pieces for MPV/SUVs. Free installation at our workshop. Certain models does not come with front 2 windows. Laser Shades comes in 4 or 5 pieces for sedan and 6 or 7 pieces for SUV & MPV. Pls SMS me at 96952338 to check. Promotion now on!! Prices start from $150 for Laser Shades 4 pieces. Does not include rear windscreen. It will still have the same magnetized frame but does not include the rear windscreen. Different prices for full set with rear windscreen. SMS us to check price and to order. We Welcome Overseas orders. Please PM me for all overseas order. Thank you. Delivery is provided if you cannot make it to our office during office hours. We can deliver most tuesday night but if you need us to deliver and install, kindly park your car below your blk. We do not have time to drive up mscp as our delivery timing is very packed. Thanks for your understanding. Group Buys are welcome. Min 3 sets for group buy. For models which are out of stock, waiting time is around 1-3 months. Kindly, msg me your address to 96952338 in order to reserve a set. We will only reserve if you send us your name, car number. Thank you. Review by Kel Ng in Toyota Noah/Voxy/Esquire Club: It's super useful. At least the front and third row. Second row the default shade is good enough. I tried removing the right one it was glaring like mad. Put it back on immediately. The third row and boot is very and I mean very good to protect the privacy. With them on its impossible from outside to see what's inside. U can still have good visibility from the inside though. Never regret getting it. By the way the car in the advertisement is mine haha The car is also cooler inside. I have more privacy when driving. Esp with esquire ppl love to peek inside and see driver face. Feedback from Tahir who bought a Hyundai Avante 5 pcs Laser Shade. Wow boss this shade is really awesome.My wife n kid like it too.better than using curtain.Really appreciate that u allow to meet up at ur place. TAGS: lancer glx ex sunshade Carmat Mitsubishi Toyota Honda Mercedes Bmw Kia Hyundai Elantra avante estima alphard vellfire suv cars Lexus cs3 es250 c200 w204 w205 c180 c200 golf Volkswagen Jetta Tiguan groovy laser solar film baby cars sun protection altis civic Vezel harrier wish Fortuner Tucson forte k3 k5 i45 f30 q5 Santa Fe Jazz fit evo x Sportage b180 b200 w246 w176 GLA GLC