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[LAST 4 PCS] GARDENING/HOME & DECOR - BN Handmade High Quality Borosilicate Glass Vase/Planter/Candle Holder/Terrarium For Sale


7 months ago by juz.carouseling






Need a very uniquely made high quality borosilicate glass as a vase, planter, terrarium or candle holder ? This is unique because it looks like a wine glass sans the long stem of the wine glass and the opening is front-facing rather than top facing. If you put it on your desk in front of you, you can full view of the plants or items inside the container. This glass is handmade of high quality Borosilicate heat-resistant glass (the same material used in some of the water bottles). The diameter is approximately 11-12 cm with opening of approximately 5.5 cm front-facing. The glass has a short stem with a base of approximately 6 cm, which you can let it sit on a flat ground or turn it upside down to hang it. Be creative on how it can be used ! 😅 It is a perfect gift for housewarming, present for plant-lovers, someone who just simply love to decorate their homes or make a terrarium for yourself. The styrofoam box that comes with the vase is not in good condition, hence, no mailing of this item is encouraged. However, if you insisted, then I will do my best to tape it securely for mailing. However, I will not be liable if there is any mail lost, damaged or delayed with this item. Thanks for your understanding on this matter ! 1 pcs $15 or 4 pcs for $58. Once sold, there will be no refund or exchange. Pls clarify if any questions. Thanks for viewing !

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