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The pots are great for succulents, anti-radiation plants, fittonia, herbs, on your work desk, in your kitchen, on your dining table, on the shelves, on your work desk, in fact, anywhere and everywhere. They are colourful and extremely adorable ! They will make very nice decorative pieces with their surroundings ! Best of all, it will not dirty your desk ! This product is good because it has an inner pot and an outer pot, so water is contained within the pots to eliminate the chance of mosquitoes breeding. Plus, the roots of the plants is lifted, so it will prevent it rotting. Best of all, there will not be any water loss and the plants can auto-feed until water is dried up. However, please remember to check and add back the water, ok ? Also, if you are into hydroponics, these pots can serve that purposes too ! They are very useful pots to own. This is the large size - approximately 11.5 cm diameter with 10 cm height. Currently, there is only instock for - Red [Sold] Yellow [Sold] Blue [Sold] Green [Sold] White These pots are not only useful but they add colors and brighten up your environment ! Please clarify if any questions. Thank you for viewing !

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