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WTS: BNIB Wireless Headphone with External Speakers (All-in-one) Conditions: 10/10, 1 year warranty by manufacturer. 1) Standard Mode for Privacy When you’re in a plane or train or you just want to listen to your own music, dk hybrid headphones are for you. With crystal clear sound and a solid bass you can listen and enjoy all your music and not disturb those around you. The headband allows for a comfortable fit and the soft ear pads will block out most external sounds. The Bluetooth receiver lets you listen to Bluetooth enabled players without the need for annoying cables. Use this mode when you are in a safe and secure location and do not want to disturb other people. 2) Hybrid Mode for Safety When you need to be aware of what’s happening around you, dk hybrid headphones are unique. By gently twisting the ear pieces 90 degrees to engage the second set of speakers then and placing the head phones around your neck, you can hear both your music and the environment around you. And of course, if you’re main device has Bluetooth, you can do it all cable free. This is perfect for walking, running or biking; especially if you’re doing the activity in an urban area where there are cars in a hurry, bikes on footpaths and even muggers waiting to sneak up behind you. Don’t become a statistic who gets hurt or into trouble because the warning noises weren’t heard. Wearing dk hybrid headphones lets you listen to your music and hear what’s happening around you. 3) Speaker Mode to Share There is no need to carry separate speakers. Take the dk hybrid headphones off and the headphones become desktop speakers to let you share your music with your friends. You can even use the aux socket to allow others to use your dk hybrid headphone speakers as well. 4) Hands-free Phone The dk hybrid headphones also allow you to use Bluetooth to put your music on hold and receive phone calls for hands free operation with the click of a button. Not only can you take the call privately, but it’s possible to use the microphone and speakers to switch back and forth from private to conference mode. 5) FM Radio Want to listen to the radio? No problems as dk hybrid headphones have an inbuilt FM radio receiver which is easy to access and to tune into the station you want with a click of a button. If your TV has RF transmitter or Bluetooth, you can use your dk hybrid headphones to listen in to your favorite TV programs without disturbing anyone else. (It may also be possible to purchase a RF or Bluetooth transmitter separately if your TV does not already have it built — check your TV user manual.) Package Box Content: 1 x DK Hybrid Headphone 1 x Aux cable USB 1 x Charging cable 1 x Rigid custom carrying case Deal at my convenience Pls Pm me for details. Thanks.

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Boon Lay MRT Station (EW27), Singapore

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