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Latest CYCLONE 6th generation intake and exhaust installed in Brand New 2018 Toyota Harrier 2.0 auto Turbo


6 months ago by 1969sba








Previously installed on Toyota Altis year 2006 renewed COE and used for 12 years since day 1. Upgraded to a brand new latest ✨Toyota Harrier 2.0A Turbo, registered MAY 2018, less than 1 month old, still under car manufacture warranty, came back to install 2 pieces intake and 2 pieces exhaust output latest CYCLONE 6🌪 Thanks to Mr SIA. Precision installation of 4 pieces of Cyclone 6th generation in engine air intake and exhaust output airflow path to reduce air flow resistance. New CYCLONE 6 - 6th generation is born! Another Precision installation of CYCLONE 6th generation into a Brand New Car. Cyclone 6 🌪💨 Air Intake Air Fuel complete mixture 🌪for better complete combustion reducing carbon deposit built up. Better Pick Up More Power and Smoother Quieter Cleaner ♻️Engine. Improves Mileage Fuel Savings Efficiency. Uphill or slopes in Expressway with better torque 💪pick up response. Cruising higher speed with quieter 🤫engine sound. The Only Original Air Charging Device CYCLONE 🌪Specialist. 1969 SBA Any Enquiries, Please private message +65 91810131 or Call us for your appointment today. Beware of imitation. Insist the only original CYCLONE product warranty certificate and precision position installation trained by inventor for maximum guarantee effect! CYCLONE is totally maintainance free, lifetime warranty and Multiple Benefits Effects... VPM Carspeed- Power Up, Fuel Efficiency System. Enhance Air🌪, Sparks⚡️, Fuel & Electronics.. Light Tune Up Performance Accessories. Vehicle Manufacturers Warranty and LTA Friendly. Full 1969 SBA warranty and Back Up Services. Another Quality Performamce Accessories Power Pick Up and Fuel Efficiency Savings Product Proudly Distributed and Brought to You By: 1969 SBA.

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xiaomin92Pleasant transaction! Speedy replies. Thank you!
3 weeks ago
tanafesiExcellent work.
2 months ago
wowdoneNice seller Pleasant transaction!
2 months ago
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