League of Legend Account Trading For Growtopia Account


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Season 4 Gold , Season 5 plat , season 6 silver , season 7 currently unrank. As you can see from the 4 pictures there's the icons and some other icons. Here's some of the skins : victorious Morgana , Victorious sivir , santa gragas , reindeer kogmaw , Asylum shaco , Royal shaco , Muay Thai Lee sin , pool party Lee sin , heart seeker vayne , golden Alistair , Pharaoh nidalee Skin shard : koi Nami 30rp Consists of all the champs besides the new champions I'm willing to trade for growtopia account or sell for cash . Pm me for more info thanks ! ;) ( the reason for dropping in rank is coz I quit alr 😅)

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