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Lease To Own - Hyundai Avante Brand New - LTO Rental



Why lease when you can own??? What is Lease To Own? Simply lease the Hyundai Avante from us @ $70 / Daily for 6 years, thereafter, you retain 100% of the vehicle ownership projected valued at around 40K (10k depreciation / yr) What is covered during 6 years of lease? 👉Can use for Grab, Personal & Private Limo jobs 👉Free comprehensive insurance (M'sia inclusive) 👉Free Road Tax 👉Full Servicing & Maintenance & Breakdown support during lease period What specs and accessories does the new car have? Full Leather Seats + 7” Carplay DVD player + Reverse Camera + 99% UV Solar Film + front back Full HD wifi camera Is servicing & maintenance included? Yes. Includes every 10k servicing, every 40k major servicing, tyres, wipers, 24 Hour Free Towing , replacement car support etc. Can I choose to drop out of the scheme? After 24 months of minimum lease, there will be no penalty impose if you have a change of mind. From 3rd years lease, there will be cash-back for giving up LTO contract respectively below: 3rd Year = $8900 4th Year = $12900 5th Year = $16900 6th Year = Ownership Do I enjoy Rental Rebates if I use it for Grab? Yes, we are participating fleet with Grab means a further of $90 - $190 per week rental rebate even if you are on the Lease To Own scheme. Is it not better to just rent the car? Compared to rental, Lease to Own its like buying a car, without the high 40-50K downpayment. No troublesome credit checks. No high interest finance cost to banks. No early selloff interest penalty. If you decide to give up the LTO contract after completing 3rd - 5th year lease, there will be attractive cash-back. At the end of 6 years, after taking full ownership of the vehicle, you can sublet, use the car for free, trade it in for a new car. Or simply sell it off to the market. Come on! There's sure to be something bad? Well, maybe the longer commitment period on this scheme. But again, in Singapore, most people take up 7-10 years loan on a brand new car, isn't it? How can I reserve a car? Simply down-pay $500 for booking and registration, upon collection down-pay another $500 to driveaway, subsequently you be on a weekly leasing payment scheme. 👉Click below for more available cars: Contact us: Jimmy Ong tel:81558858 Joanne Ho tel:98551355 Jason Lee tel:81669797 Whatsapp Now: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Alphard Voxy Prius Alpha Plus Wish Stream Sienta Camry Carens Diesel MPV 7 Seater Grab Rebate Car Rental LTO)

2 months ago In Vehicle Rentals

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