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Click the Blue "Read more" button down there to see full description. Share this to others if your find this item can help someone out there. Thanks Design : Diamond Bliss When you on the light, as you walk and look up there, it gives u a starry sparkling visual effect. When it reflects on your marble floor, you can see the starry sparkling effect and the center emitting random rainbow color as the light comes through the center Status: Available LED Ceiling Light - Slim Cover Set + Optional Light Source (33W 36W) - Diamond Bliss - Acrylic Cover - Transparent base material - Good Clarity and brightness - Acrylic top is approximately 400 mm in diameter - Base is approximately 350 mm in diameter Cover + base : $24 Optional Recommended Add ons: Option 1 - 40cm Cover + 33 W single White light source = $24 + $16= $40 Option 2 - 40cm Cover + 36 W single White light source = $24 + $18= $42 Option 3 - 40cm Cover + 36 W 3 color source = $24 + $21= $45 Option 4 - 40cm Cover + 36 W 3 color dimmable Remote = $24 + $26= $50 Transaction: Cash Only Meet up: MRT Stations (Can meet up at a station that is convenient for both parties) Comes in full magnet for easy installation, including the driver. No double side tape needed. All items come with proper packaging for you to carry home easily. Suitable for Living Rooms and Bed Rooms and Kitchen and Toilet If you need an electrician to install, depending on your location, it may be arranged at a fee. Items sold are not refundable. Something4every1 will support in your home improvement in lighting . Be it your old bulb or PL Lamp or ceiling lamp from Philip or Osram, something4every 1 can help you to find an alternative like LED down light, ceiling light and bulb to help you. There is some night lamp with cool design like iron man, hello kitty and manchester united that will be good choice of gift for you. Thank you for you support. Click below and scroll to view other design retrofit cheap Share this to others if your find this item can help someone out there. Thanks Type: Lighting

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