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Stock we have on hand is: #ARE6-M42ESB(Lens AI Adaptor E6 M42)@$52.00 #ARE3-M42ESB(Lens AI Adaptor E3 M42)@$48.00 #AR-M42ES(Adaptor Ring M42 to EOS)@$38.00 #AR-MD2ES(Minolta D to EOS)@$38.00 #ARE9-M42ESA(Adaptor Ring M42)@$58.00 #ARE3-LR2ES(Lens Adaptor E3 Leica R)@$48.00 #ARE9-LR2ES(Lens Adaptor E9 LR to EOS)@$58.00 #AR-DKL2ES(Lens Adaptor DKL to EOS)@$52.00 #ARE9-AI2ES(Lens Adaptor E9 Nikon to EOS)@$58.00 #ARE3-AI2ES(Lens Adaptor E3 Nikon to EOS)@$48.00 #AR-AI2ES(Adaptor Ring AI to EOS)@$38.00 #ARE6-AI2ES(Adaptor Ring E6 to EOS)@$52.00 #AR-AIG2ES(Adaptor Ring AIG to EOS)@$48.00 #ARE3-OM2ES(Lens Adaptor E3 Olympus)@&48.00 #AR-RO2ES(Lens adaptor Rollei to EOS)@$38.00 #AR-EES(Macro Ring EOS)@$28.00 Features: •Mounts Leica R Lenses to Canon EOS Mount DSLR Cameras; infinity focus or beyond guaranteed •Enhanced craftsmanship and high tolerance construction for demanding professionals •Precise fit and Solid connection; lens has no play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter and no adjustments required •Precision all-metal construction with chrome plated brass mounts for secure and solid fit

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