LG Care ReEn Yungo Hair Cleansing Treatment 250ml (Free Singapore Normal Mailing)LG红色润膏洗护二合一男女控油洗发水护发去屑无硅油 250毫升


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ReEn Yungo The First Shampoo Treatment 250ml 🎀This hair shampoo is really good if you have dry style hair. 🎀It helps youadd moisture into yourhair, and youwont get static as much as before the smell is great, the bubble is so smooth and delicate, and it also help u to stop lossing hair -well at least will cut down the volume of the lossing hair 🎀Product with total care cleansing + treatment at once.: ✅Saponin bubbles cleanse scalp thoroughly. ✅6 kinds of herbal ingredient and Korean jasengplant nutrition provides stronger hair. ✅Herb complex provides moisture for elastic hair. ✅Provides shiny soft hair. ✅Deep flower scent in Korea ✅Moisture and glow lasting 100 hours tested. 🎀How to use: On wet hair apply onto hair and scalp, lather bubbles and massage, rinse off with lukewarm water. 🎀LG润膏集齐五大功效: 温和清洁头皮,加强毛囊健康,深层滋润头发,给予头发光泽,迷人持久香气。 一般的韩国洗发水之前用都是一股浓浓的药味感,但是这一款真的是迷到我了! 是超级给力的COCO淡香味,而且香味非常持久!亲测! 🔵蓝色燕窝润膏:(请看另一款蓝色) 富含燕窝精华,滋养头皮,改善头发出油,头皮屑,头发干燥,头发分叉防脱发! 🔴红色润膏: 温和清洁头皮,加强毛囊健康,深层滋润头发,给予头发光泽,迷人持久香气。 Brand: LG Reen Yongo Type: Shampoo

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