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Highly Raved in Japan 📺 tv shown in 女人我最大 Effective whitening result 👄 ✅remove pigments and restore teeth whitening results ✅clean tartar and plaque ✅strengthen enamel ✅enamel damage repairing ✅prevention of gum problems Easy to use✔️ ❌free hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent ❌non-carcinogenic triclosan ❌non- toxic diethylene glycol ✡️3 Easy Steps✡️ 1️⃣follow the normal way you brush your teeth 2️⃣Before gargle, pls use LED to irradiate for 30 secs 3️⃣after irradiate by LED and gargle , the x-vc will remain active throughout the day and react to light 2 types - 100ml -💙refresh (blue) ~ Mint -💚relax (green) 🔶Meet up in Jurong or free normal mailing ♥️Buy 2, free registered mail 📌Simply send me your Name, Address, quantity. Once payment done, I will proceed with the posting . Thanks for viewing

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