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Like New 10/10, Boy Size Omega Vintage Deville, Gold Dial, Gold Plated Case, Mechanical Hand Wind, Cira 1970's, Serviced, Like New Condition.


1 week ago by timchanyk








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Vintage Unisex Omega Deville, Gold Dial, Gold Plated Case, Mechanical Hand Wind I've never worn this since purchasing in UK in 2009, conditions is good as new. I bough this in U.K. in March 2009. From personal collection, one of my pre-loved, rare collectable Omega De Ville gold tone dial, Cira 1970's Selling watch only, no box, no papers. Box is for photography only. OUR RATING CHART Grade A - Excellent working condition, Mint or As New, Grade B - Excellent working condition, barely visible scratches Grade C - Excellent working condition, visible scratches or dents  Grade D - Needs repair or servicing  Overall Rating: A++ CASE: Stainless steel, width 32mm without crown, long (lug to lug) 36mm Lug width: 18mm CROWN: Signed original MOVEMENT: Omega Automatic Self Winding DIAL: Gold Tone Band: New genuine leather strap Buckle: Omega buckle originally comes with the watch so I'm not sure of history and authenticity, originality of buckle No box and papers  100% authentic Photo shows exactly the piece that you are buying, please review all pictures carefully. We do not misrepresent. View and deal at Upper East Coast Road or Marine Parade/Parkway Parade No returns, no exchange after sales IMPORTANT NOTICE ON VINTAGE TIMEPIECES AND SELLER DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: All my pieces have been examined by a qualified watch maker either upon or after I bought the watch. All pieces works perfectly unless stated in my advertisement and item descriptions. All pieces are ready to wear and needs no servicing although I cannot provide service history for every single piece. However, we do encourage all buyers to take extra care in maintaining the timepieces, get it serviced and keep the piece is a cool dry place, a watch box or better still work the watch in an auto-winder. Therefore, all pieces are sold as-is basis, we do not accept any returns, exchange, trade. We cannot guarantee the piece working conditions once it is sold under the care of the buyer. We will not be held responsible and/or liable for any cost related to any repairs or servicing, after the piece have been sold and is under the care of the buyer. Value of Vintage Timepieces: Buying, wearing and collecting vintage timepieces is definitely more than just about buying a watch. Why would anyone want to collect old watches when the new stuff is far superior in terms of finishing and engineering? Everyone has his or her own reasons. Well, to me, vintage timepieces are by itself a piece of history, a piece of time, not just a timepiece. To me, the value is in owning an object from another period that has witnessed decades of histories and perhaps been related to some important event. For example, I loved my vintage Omega Michael Schumacher because of it's connection with the history of racing. One collector I knew loved his Speedmaster Professional because of its direct connection to the space program and the moon landings. Secondly, though not as durable as new timepieces, vintage watches have a higher collectors' appeal because of their rarity. Vintage watches are much more exclusive and elusive, not for their prices, but for the small number of collectors who wear and collect them. However, there are considerations you need take into account when buying, wearing and collecting vintage timepieces. Firstly, you can have a reliable, accurate daily watch that was made several decades ago. But in terms of finishing, engineering and an overall feel of quality, new watches will surely be superior. So are the prices of the new models. Finding a watch that is more than 20 years old with the original box and papers is almost impossible and requires a miracle to find one that is unmolested and that comes complete with its original packaging and papers. Thirdly, vintage watches are vintage and old timepieces. The machine and mechanism will somehow have its imperfection due to years of usage. The condition of the piece, cae, dial, winding, glass, finishing will have hairline scratches. If you can’t understand the above, then vintage probably isn’t for you and its better off for you to stick to new pieces. It takes a particular personality to enjoy vintage collecting. Buying, wearing, collecting and loving vintage watches is all about passion — it can’t be rationalized or made logical. If you think about it, owning any watches is not logical anyway especially when you can tell the time with your mobile phone anyway.


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