Limited 2000pc Worldwide SINO VISITOR PASS Special Edition Ez-link EzLink Card x Lingnan Pass + FREE Post!


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Limited 2000pc Worldwide SINO VISITOR PASS Special Edition Ez-link EzLink Card x Lingnan Pass + Free Normal Postage Presentation Pack Limited Edition with serial number No 1946 Retail Price RMB 198 No store value Collector's item Additional product description at bottom of listing. **STRICTLY NO MEETUPS/ SELF PICK-UPS AS ORDERS WILL BE DISPATCH VIA MAIL / COURIER. PRICE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE FOR SINGLE ITEM PURCHASE** --------------------------------------------------- How to Order? 1. Click "Chat to Buy" to contact us to confirm stock availability 2. Key in the listed price as Offer Price click "Make an Offer" to officiate your purchase. 3. We will then accept your offer, and send you the payment instructions. 4. Payment is expected within 24 hours as we will hold your reservation for one day. If you are purchasing more than one item from us, please contact us via "Chat to Buy" and let us know the items you are keen to purchase. Payments Accepted: Local SG Bank Transfer, PAYLAH, Debit/Credit Card payment via PAYPAL.Payment expected within 24 hours. --------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: We are NOT an authorized dealer or associate of any of the designers, brands, or manufacturers that are offered herein in these listings. All trademarks, brand names, and logos mentioned in our listings are used for identification purposes only and are registered trademarks of their respective owners who reserve the rights of ownership. The use of any trademark, brand name, or product name in our listings is not intended to suggest that the company, trademark, or brand is affiliated or endorses these listings. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************************************** English Description Google Translated from Chinese Description: ************************************************************************************** A Guangdong x Singapore joint card] the global limited edition of 2000          "A Guangdong x Singapore" joint card by the Guangdong Ling Nantong Co., Ltd. and Singapore Autopass Co., Ltd. work together to issue. This is the global traffic smart card to achieve cross-border cooperation in the first instance, with important demonstration significance. The card using advanced technology, is a non-contact smart card on the safe and compatible dual currency stored value wallet, can be achieved in Singapore and Guangdong Province, two public transport seamless travel, and is expected to become the new knowledge of the wisdom of community building card service Important carrier. The card can be used in more than 60,000 service points in Guangdong Province and 30,000 service points in Singapore.   Terms and Conditions: 1, the card by the Guangdong Ling Nantong Co., Ltd. in China sales. 2, the card has Lingnan Nantong renminbi account and ez-link Singapore dollar account, respectively, in their respective jurisdictions. 3, the card is not a deposit, anonymous sales version of the joint card, Ling Nantong RMB accounts do not report the loss, the user should be properly kept. 4, the use of Lingnan pass account by the Lingnan Nantong relevant management approach to the Constitutional constraints; ez-link account by issued by the relevant treaty and rule jurisdiction. 5, the card ez-link account since the date of issuance of the validity period of 5 years. 【一通粤新联名卡】 全球限量2000张 “一通粤新”联名卡由广东岭南通股份有限公司与新加坡易通有限公司携手合作发行。这是全球交通智能卡实现跨国合作的首举,具有重要的示范意义。该卡采用先进技术,是一张非接触智能卡上安全兼容双币储值钱包,可实现在新加坡与广东省两地公共交通的无缝出行,并有望成为中新知识城智慧社区建设的一卡通服务重要载体。该卡可在广东省的60000多个服务点以及在新加坡30000个服务点使用。 使用须知: 1、本卡由广东岭南通股份有限公司在中国销售。 2、本卡具有岭南通人民币账户和ez-link新加坡元账户,分别在各自管辖区域内使用。 3、本卡是不设押金、不记名的销售版联名卡,岭南通人民币账户不挂失,用户应妥善保管。 4、岭南通账户的使用受岭南通有关管理办法寄章程约束;ez-link账户的使用受发布有关条约和规则管辖。 5、本卡ez-link账户自发行之日起有效期5年。 Tags: Ez-Link / Ezlink / Ez Link Card collectible unique set flash card, Flash pay, exclusive, flashpay, Limited edition

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