Limited Ed Kakao Friends Face Shop Melting Colour Lip Creamer Balm Tint Lipstick


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Condition: - 100% brand new in box - 100% authentic - Limited Edition - Fresh and direct from Korea - Personally brought back (hygienic+ no wait time) - Well-kept in ziplock, ziplock in air-tight containers, and containers in drawers away from heat & sun (am OCD in the storage of cosmetics) Details: - Comes in adorable box with pop-out character like in pictures 3 and 4 - Made with natural ingredients: Jojoba seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, mango seed butter, argan tree kernel oil Colours: - #09 APeach - #10 Muzi - #11 Neo - #13 Tube What it is: The Face Shop took some time to come up with this lovely lip creamer as it's made with so much care- the adorable packaging and the amazing technology involved. Made with awesome natural ingredients- jojoba seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, mango seed butter, argan tree kernel oil- to form the moisture essence base and provide well-hydrated lip care. The coating is made of high technology coat making, making the lips look ultra smooth. While the gel base gives a clear colour and helps colour to glide on. A newly-launched product, but it already has no lack of praises and everyone is talking about it. Rave reviews are everywhere both online and offline- in magazines, social media sites, beauty blogs etc; both internationally and in Korea. Some great reviews: 1. "Awww, the lip creams are so cute, I need them all." - torichux3.blogspot 2. "Soft texture. I like it. Though it has soft texture, it presents clear color. Moist. Doesn’t make chapped lips stand out. Presents original color on lips. Like its name, melting color, it feels like color is melting on lips. Easy to identify colors by looking at the caps. Convenient. Has hard case with cute Kakao Friends. Definitely a keeper. If you are looking for a good lipstick, I suggest you to try Melting Color." - 3. "The smoothness of this lip creamer is enhanced by the natural ingredients in the product and my lips are moist and hydrated the whole day! The colour is also very lasting and pretty and I get a lot of praises from friends whenever I wear it out. Also gave it as gifts to friends and they all like the cute packagings!" - beautyinboxes Letting go at way below retail prices; even lower than korean sellers as am a non-commercial seller (: Do grab this adorably useful and well-raved product at an awesome bargain now (: #thefaceshop #korea #korean #koreabeauty #lip #beauty #makeup #lips #lipcolour #lipstick #lipbalm #liptint #lipmakeup #tint #colour #kakao #kakaotalk #limitededition