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This painting is a replica of a painting by Giuseppe Castiglione named Eight Noble Horses from the Qing Dynasty (八骏图) in Gold. Giuseppe Castiglione, S.J., was an Italian Jesuit lay brother and a missionary in China, where he served as an artist at the imperial court of three emperors – the Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong emperors. This Gold painting is 24.4 X 13.6 cm and the frame size is 42.5 X 30 cm. Total gold content is 97.66%. There are some wear and tear on the frame but the painting within remains very much intact and pristine. This replica was produced under the supervision fo Taiwan's Gu Gong Museum. Limited edition with certificate. This is number 0383 of 1800. Another unique characteristics of this painting is the existence of 8 complete imperial signets. While price is negotiable, appreciate no low ballers and time wasters please.

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