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Magical Skin Water Dew With Premium Nano Pearl Powder (011) 30ml $39 Contents: Plant/Chinese Herbal Pure Water Dew and premium Super finest grind pearl powder Directions: Apply 3-5 drops and spread all over whole face or on targetted areas where u are concern for Whitening effects e.g: blemishes, pimples/acne marks or freckles...... Suitable for all skin types and all ages As you can see from my listing photos, just a drop applied on the back of my palm and it actually covers my whole back of palm areas, very saving and look at the amazing instant results, instantly magically even ur skin tone, brightening, concealed your pores and not only cosmetic results it created, this is actually a skincare product. With the help of water dew, and as it super duper fine Nano premium grade pearl powder, it helps the pearl powder to penetrate maximum into ur skin to achieve Super Whitening, nourishing, Hydrating, pore Tightening, oil control..... This magical water dew pearl powder is best to wear it to sleep, especially for those pimples acne oily skin, it'll help to fasten drying up and heal your pimples/acnes, lighten pimples/acne scars, oil control and prevent new pimples/acne from growing.... For normal to dry skin, if just by using pearl powder to sleep, which u may find it too drying for ur skin, u can use this as it'll not cause dryness with the help of water dew and it help to hydrate and nourish ur skin. And for those with freckles, apply on ur freckles every night for amazing whitening lightening treatment. This is my so call Super magical pearl water dew u must not miss. Please note that this product is 25ml contained in a 30ml bottle, as it need some space for shaking well before use. So it's not filled full like photos shown. When product not in use, water dew and pearl powder are not blend together as shown on 2nd photo, pearl powder are sank at the bottom of bottle so Please shake well till water dew turned milky white before use. PM me to grab urs now before sold out!!!! Brand: ShoppingGuru Tang’s Type: Masks & Treatments

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