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Limited Hair Dye Colours Available (Seen in the Pic above) Ask me for which one's available. Permanent Hair Dye 500+ packets sold and counting ◡̈ LIMITED PACKETS LEFT <50 packets total. Not restocking cause going overseas soon. Cheapest in market for popular colours. 1st picture show exact shade of coloured dye. Exact pic of product is shown in second picture 😁 Product name: Decolor powder. (Check online, it's quite a good brand and I've tried and tested the colours myself. ) Product is brand new. Colours available: White, Purple, Dark Pink, Green, Fleet Brown, Fleet Brown Red, Flaxen I sell Bleach powder too! Prices: 1 packet for $3.50 🎉4 packet for $12 *Free normal mail ( Colours and bleach all same price) Colour - 15g Bleach - 20g Note: 1) Hair has to be bleached to a blonde/ platinum blonde for colours to be vibrant. 2) I am selling powder dyes only. Dyes HAVE to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide 9-12%. You can get them from Venus beauty stores $2.10 per bottle or Carousell. It's called 'Creme developer' as well. 3) For highlighting/ dip dye- 1 pack is sufficient. For shoulder length hair whole head, 2 packs. For hair longer than that, 3 packs. Directions: 1) Pour desired amount of powder into a bowl 2) Mix powder to hydrogen peroxide about 1:3 ratio. This ratio is flexible. For me I base it on how much I need to dye! For any inspirations on how you want to dye, go search for Korean artiste, or tumblr. I find this dye as comparable as La Riche, Bleach London, Manic Panic, Splat USA 😊 Especially for on budget hipsters wannabe like me HAHA 😊 May you all have beautiful hippy hair. *hairflick

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