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Hi guys!! I'm decluttering my makeup stash and these are some that are under used. Mixture of brand new and preloved (only used 1-4 times!) please help me get rid of them and they're also at a very cheap price!! Everything is authentic unless stated :) Those that are authentic, please find swatches online if you need to. Inspired or unknown brand, I provide a swatch of it, so do take a look! If ure interested in any of the swatches, do let me know which number, starting from 1 from the left to the right. Authentic lipsticks/others: 1. Kailijumei in barbie doll powder. (NEW) $10 2. LA girl in blackcurrant (NEW) $9 3. LA girl in rebel (NEW) $9 4. LA girl in timeless ( tried once) $8 5. LA girl in bazaar (tried once) $8 6. LA girl in frisky (used twice) $8 7. Colourpop USL in Tansy (used twice) $9 SOLD 8. Colourpop in Limbo (used 4x) $9 9. Colourpop lippie stix satin in Frida (used 4x) $6 SOLD 10. Colourpop lippie stix satin in Too Sexy (tried once) $7.50 11. Colourpop lippie stix matte in Out of Sync (tried once) $7.50 12. Colourpop lippie stix creme in Choker (NEW) $7.50 13. Colourpop UML in zipper (used twice) $9 13.NYX lip cream in Amsterdam (used twice) $7.50 14. Silkygirl matte lipstick in Exotic Wine (~75% left) $5 15. Wet and wild in Purty Persimmon (tried once)$4 16. Australis colour corrector in green (~75% left) $8 17. LA girl Pro concealer in Toast (~90% left) SOLD Inspired/others: according to the no. On the pic 1. Nani liquid matte lipstick (used twice) $2 2. Nani liquid matte lipstick (tried once) $2 3. MeNow liquid matte lipstick (tried once) $2 SOLD 4. MeNow liquid matte lipstick (tried once) $2 SOLD 5. Lime Crime in Jinx (tried once) $4 6. Lime Crime in Faded (used twice) $4 Products are still in good condition except for some of the packaging which had no labels/words on them due to storage with many other items. NO Trade as I'm looking to get rid as there are no space left for me to keep them plus they're too redundant! What you see if what you get so only for non-fussy buyers!! Happy shopping ^^

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