Listen to Your Heart by Kenneth E. Hagin - Self Enrichment Book


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Listen to Your Heart by Kenneth E. Hagin (Paperback) Description - In Listen to Your Heart, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. gives a practical approach to the subject of following the leading of the Holy Spirit. He explains that as a believer, you must make a choice in life. You can determine to be led by the Holy Spirit and live a supernatural life according to God's Word, or you can follow your own plans and desires and live a carnal life dictated by the flesh and natural circumstances. The choice you make determines whether or not you'll successfully fulfill God's plan for your life and receive God's best blessings. Book Reviews - 1) By Heidi (Columbia Cross Roads, PA) This book not only talked about how to listen to the Holy Spirit through your heart, but also touched on other very important issues about listening to your heart and why we can't always hear what our heart says. I think this is a great book that everyone should read. There are great pointers inside its covers. 2) By Boots (Oregon) Very good book. Answered many questions. I would recommend this to all ages.

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