LM2596HVS DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Converter Power 4.5-63V to 3-35V 3A


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Can use for led light 1. the volume of L 40 * W 21.5 * H 13.5mm (including potentiometers). Input: IN+ input positive IN- input negative Output: OUT+ output positive OUT- output negative   2. Input voltage: 4.5-50V, Adjustment method: first correct input power (between 4.5-60V) then multimeter to monitor the output voltage and adjust potentiometer (usually clockwise turn boost, buck turn counterclockwise), Output voltage: (3-35V) continuously adjustable (recommended load debugging). Minimum pressure: 1.5V Output current: rated current 2A, 3A maximum Output Power: 15W maximum Conversion efficiency: up to 92% (output voltage, the higher the efficiency) Static power consumption is only about 6mA. Connection: Welding, plus pin can be directly soldered after the PCB. Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 to + 85 degrees Celsius) Load regulation: ± 1% Voltage Regulation: ± 0.5% (mean time to achieve no-load output voltage will be higher, but as long as there is with 1MA load, the output voltage will be normal, does not affect the functionality, ease of use.) Short circuit protection: current limiting, thermal protection, self-recovery. 60V, 36V 48V, 24V, 12V

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